Customized Growth Solutions, Grounded in Experience

SPARK Solutions for Growth is a specialty consulting firm with a focus on growth strategy. Our firm is built on the belief that sustainable, profitable growth must start with a sound strategy, and be continually driven forward by connecting with customers, building partnerships and developing innovative thought leadership.

Throughout SPARK’s history, our experience and our clients’ successes have reinforced this belief. As seasoned entrepreneurs and business consultants to both start-ups and Fortune 500 companies, we understand the challenges and the pitfalls of growth – and how to move past them successfully. Our experience has also taught us to listen, ask the right questions, provide insights, and guide our clients toward better strategic choices for driving topline growth and achieving their goals.

What are your goals? Our clients often call when their business is at a pain point – when they realize that business as usual is no longer working. Our consulting services are geared to providing practical, actionable strategies to grow your business, build partnerships, and influence the market through thought leadership. It all starts with a discovery discussion.

Get to know us better. Pragmatic recommendations, rooted in the substantial hands-on experience of our co-founders and principals, Rachel Braun Scherl and Mary Wallace Jaensch, are the backbone of our consulting services. We invite you to find out more.

SPARK Specialties

We offer the benefit of broad experience, with a focus and expertise in the following areas:

Beauty and Personal Care

Consumer Products

Female Health and Wellness

Functional Health and Wellness




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