Driving Growth with Strategy, Insights and Innovation

Drawing on years of successful entrepreneurship and business consulting, SPARK works closely with clients to design and implement practical, effective strategies for accelerating business growth at all stages of an organization or brand’s lifecycle.

Whether your business has reached a plateau, your brand needs a reboot, or your competitors are gaining market share, we offer a range of consulting services to help you reach your goals. Our focus is on finding better solutions when “business as usual” is no longer sufficient. The process begins with a focused discussion to define what your business goals are, identify any roadblocks, map out the changes needed to achieve your goals, and develop a process to get there.

The answers may surprise you – providing a different perspective on your business through new eyes. Insightful questions and astute business analysis are among our strongest areas of expertise. Building on deep experience in leading consumer packaged goods and healthcare companies, SPARK has provided growth solutions for dozens of companies, from startups making formative strategic decisions to industry leaders seeking to optimize the value of their existing and new business franchises.

SPARK is committed to working with you to reach your business goals by completing your projects on time, on budget and on strategy. Our consulting services cover three fundamental areas:

Growth Solutions: Innovative growth strategies with actionable steps and measurable milestones for realizing the success you envision. More >

Building Partnerships: Identify and connect with business partners, both internal and external, who can help grow your business strategically, financially and publicly. More >

Market Influence: Demonstrate your expertise with a voice or brand point of view that educates and motivates your customers, partners and team. More >

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