Influence the Market

Success happens when there is trust, credibility and engagement. SPARK helps businesses build these essential elements by establishing their brand personality or essence across multiple communication platforms with thought leadership that commands attention.

SPARK’s insights work to crystalize your thinking, putting your business at the forefront of issues that matter to your customers and partners. Developing an engaging, authoritative and brand-appropriate voice across channels builds visibility and brand loyalty, interest, and ultimately, revenue for your business.

SPARK helps clients demonstrate their expertise and generate positive results by:

  • Articulating vision and inspiration
  • Targeting new audiences, customers and influencers
  • Motivating transactions
  • Building market share and franchise credibility
  • Creating brand and equity growth strategies

Case Study: Developing a voice for a sexual health product

A company that provided female sexual health products was hampered by media challenges. Ninety percent of the leading media outlets, including network and cable TV stations, refused to run the company’s advertising, despite running ads for similar products from other, larger companies. More >

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Selling Sex to Women

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